Juliette (1983 – 2019)

This website is now dedicated to the loving memory of Juliette.

She loved cooking and especially bread-baking. She worked in restaurant for most of her life, but most of her culinary knowledge was self-taught. She valued practicality and thriftiness in every part of her life, and it translated into her culinary arts as well.

She lives on in our hearts and in these recipes.

A Word from the Cook:

“Ever want to make something and you find yourself flipping through a recipe book, wondering what would be a good choice?

This website is designed to help you make practical cooking decisions. Minimizing waste and fresh product are constant concerns with perishable items.

With an ingredient search, you can create menus and balanced nutritious meals, based on what is on hand.”

- Juliette

About the recipes:

Most of the featured recipes cater to a mix of German and American tastes and are completely vegetarian.

For this reason, the recipes take a German-style approach: liquid measurements are listed in milliliters and liters and dry measurements are listed in grams. Having a digital scale in order to weigh out ingredients for some recipes (especially for bread) is a must.

German Measurements versus US Measurements

1 large soup spoon (Essloeffel or EL) = approximately 1 level tablespoon 1 teaspoon (Teelöffel or TL) = approximately 1 level teaspoon